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Thirsty Thursday - Ep: 75 Parkinson’s Doesn’t Stop Her, Special Guest/Client, Tanya Penna

December 29, 2016

Thirsty Thursday Series Continues With A Clients Powerful Message. Tanya Penna diagnosed with Parkinson's at age 64 decide in the first time in her life to join a gym in getting training/assistance in battling this disease that was not going to control her life. With her dedication in physical fitness & persistent drive to live a life worth living. She has shown that consistency is key in battling Parkinson's with continued action by stressing the body threw smart and sufficient movement patterns, keeps the neurological system firing. Use it or lose it is the truth but Tanya doesnt stop and shows with her progression! Applying some of JMB's Power Principals It's Shown Tremedous success in her every day life of living. This Is Just The Beginning And She gets it a body in motion stays in motion.

Fit Tips, Motivation, Inspiration & Tools To Sculpt & Design The Life You Desire. It's Unrehearsed & Unscripted just pure raw material. Igniting positive stimulation, mentally & physically to spark the brain & ignite the frame!!

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